Protests in Namanga over Magufuli’s deportation order


Business at the busy Namanga border town was disrupted for hours as residents clashed with police as they protested harassment by Tanzanian authorities.

Trade and transport was paralysed as irate residents barricaded the road to Tanzania with some vowing to chase away Tanzanians in retaliation.

They were reacting to reports that the Tanzanian government had announced its plans to deport Kenyans who were in the country without proper documentation.
Vehicles heading to Tanzania and especially those bearing the country’s registration were targeted by the demonstrators.
There were reports that some Kenyans who had been working in Tanzania had been kicked out in retaliation. Tension started building up three weeks ago when Tanzanian authorities allegedly ordered Kenyans working in their country to leave without giving them adequate notice.
Some residents claimed that they were given only seven days but argued this was not adequate as some had invested in Tanzania for years.

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