Kinshasa police boss fired


A police chief in the Democratic Republic of Congo, General Celestin Kanyama, who has had sanctions imposed on him by the US and the EU for allegedly being involved in violence against opposition activists, has been sacked, AFP news agency reports.

Gen Kanyama, who headed the force in the capital, Kinshasa, has been replaced by Colonel Elvis Palanga Nawei, a police spokesman told AFP.

He did not give any reasons for the government’s decision to dismiss him.

Last December, the EU imposed a travel ban on Gen Kanyama. It also said that any assets he may have in Europe would be frozen.

The EU said he has played a role in the crackdown on opposition and civil society activists demanding that President Joseph step down.

He was also among two high-ranking security officers to be blacklisted by the US State Department.

Mr Kabila was due to have stepped down last year at the end of his terms in office. However, the polls were postponed and he has remained in office.






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