Coffee production taking the lead in Burundi [Business Africa]

This week, we see how the public-private partnership has succeeded in reviving the coffee sector in Burundi and in setting up many cooperatives.

In 2008, the Government of Burundi officially launched its national strategy for the revival of the coffee sector for the period 2015-2021. Investment cost, 81.2 million US dollars. Ten years later, the sector is reviving thanks to the public-private partnership set up, which will eventually produce 30,000 tonnes of high-quality coffee each year.

Morocco: After demonstrations, Danone reduces the price of milk

The battle between consumers and the French dairy giant, Danone. The group is giving up its margins on fresh pasteurised milk and at the same time promising greater transparency in the collection to the marketing.

Aboulaarab Abdennabi, an analyst and economic columnist, also a professor and researcher at the International Mundiapolis University delves more on this.


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