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No social media access for government workers in Tanzania



The Tanzanian government has banned all its workers from social media during working hours.

Google takes African startups under its wings

Silicon Valley giant Google is expanding its regional mentorship programme for top early-stage technology startups in Africa, with the aim of helping them become commercially viable.

Volkswagen to start Rwanda car assembly in May

The company said it planned to spend $20 million to start developing the assembly plant and ride-hailing service – part of a push into sub-Saharan Africa.

Virtual reality allows you to look inside your body and could help improve drug delivery

Renderings of 3D cells in the body are traditionally displayed using 2D media, such as on a computer screen or paper;

On social media, privacy is no longer a personal choice

Some people might think that online privacy is a, well, private matter. If you don’t want your information getting out online, don’t put it on social media. Simple, right?

One mistake people make using public Wi-Fi

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Avoid doing anything you would not want anyone in the world to know on public Wi-Fi. You may think you’re safe in that busy café or big-name hotel, but public Wi-Fi is a major liability.

Facebook switches on 600 Wi-Fi hotspots in Kenyan towns

Facebook has switched on its low-cost Internet in more than 600 hotspots across the country since the launch of the service in March, the US tech giant has disclosed.

WhatsApp: Now one billion people send 55 billion messages per day


The eight-year old messaging app WhatsApp is now used by one billion people every day.

As ZdNet reported, WhatsApp reached the one billion active monthly user milestone a year ago, and now has 1.3 billion monthly active users, most of whom use it daily, according to WhatsApp.

Letter from Africa: Can satellite make science popular in Ghana?


In our series of letters from African journalists, veteran Ghanaian journalist Elizabeth Ohene ponders whether Ghana’s new satellite will change attitudes towards science.

Burundi: ICTs infrastructure left unexploited because of lack of culture


Minister of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) says, despite the country having enough basic infrastructure, Burundi falls back in the use of ICTs.