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Why youth and women enterprises fail in Africa

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Informality has been singled out as a major setback for youth and women’s business ventures in Africa.

Presenting the keynote address during the Partnership for Economic Policy conference at a Nairobi hotel on youth and female entrepreneurship, Prof Michael Chege, a renowned policy consultant, said in Kenya for instance, nearly half of all start-ups disintegrated before one year.

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Justice for Burundi: « 98 new warrants sent to ICC Prosecutor »


The collective of lawyers grouped into “Justice for Burundi” reports that at the end of May 2017, 98 new warrants have been sent to the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court-ICC. “This brings to nearly 800 cases of warrants that were entrusted to the collective”, says Armel Niyongere, a human rights defender. Continue la lecture