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Why Uganda is the ‘world’s fittest country’

Uganda is the most physically active nation in the world, according to a recent report by the World Health Organization. The BBC’s Patience Atuhaire went to find out why.

The 27-minute morning routine that could change your life, according to science

If you’ve ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed only to find it impacts your entire day, the good news is that simple changes when you first wake up can help get your mood back on track and increase your overall happiness.

Heartburn: This is what causes acid reflux and how you can treat it

You’ve probably experienced heartburn before, but some people may not know what causes the uncomfortable burning feeling in their chest.

10 health benefits of cashew nuts

The cashew tree is one of the commonest in the world. It is found almost everywhere, and is one of the few trees with both a fruit and a nut.

Orange foods that boost your immunity

Orange fruits and vegetables are a great way to battle off illness and disease. Most naturally, orange foods get their colour from beta-carotene and besides being delicious, they are healthy options that not only boast your immune system but also help reduce your sight-related problems and are a great option to satisfy your sugar cravings.


Dreams are very important. They are the one thing that can keep you going and focused in life’s journey. A life without dreams is a purposeless one.

Why does Ebola keep coming back?

The Ebola virus has reared its head again, this time in the Democratic Republic of Congo. While it is impossible to predict exactly where and when the next outbreak will occur, we now know much more about how to prevent a crisis.

Top bottled water brands contaminated with plastic particles: report

The world’s leading brands of bottled water are contaminated with tiny plastic particles that are likely seeping in during the packaging process, according to a major study across nine countries published Wednesday.

6 vital health benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a very popular food in the world; if they’re not being used for stew or soup, they’re added to salad and other foods. But the truth about this highly nutritious food is that most people only eat it, and have no idea what benefits they can get from it. There are also those who don’t eat it at all because of the same ignorance. Anyway, here are some of those benefits of eating tomatoes.

6 Scary Things That Happen to Your Body If You Don’t Drink Enough Water

About 60 percent of our bodies are made up of water. For them to continue to function properly, it’s crucial that we take in enough of the stuff on a daily basis.