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Pope ‘begs for God’s forgiveness’ for sexual abuse scandal

Pope Francis in Ireland Sunday « begged for God’s forgiveness » for the child sexual abuse scandal rocking the church but faced accusations by a former Vatican official that he had personally ignored allegations against senior clergy.

The handshake and lessons to be learned from Ramadhan

Today is the start of Ramadhan, Islam’s holiest month and a period dedicated to meditation and devotion for Muslims. The Prophet of Islam said regarding fasting, “Allah gives this reward to whoever feeds a fasting person even with just a taste of milk or dates, or a drink of water.



Polémique sur les chansons gospel de Prince Mshindi, Big Zoe, et GN

‘Virgin Mary warned us against UN data’

A religious community from Burundi living in a UN refugee transit camp is refusing to move to another camp because it objects to biometric registration.

Pope Francis left with black eye after Popemobile accident

Pope Francis suffered a black eye after hitting his head on the so-called Popemobile when his vehicle stopped suddenly.