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Une nuit noire dans une famille de la colline Sororezo.

C’était aux environs de minuit dans la nuit du jeudi 18 janvier 2019, quand les pluies diluviennes se sont abattues sur la capitale Bujumbura et les collines des Mirwa qui la surplombent. Les habitants de Bujumbura ont interrompu leur sommeil, avec pour triste mémoire les cauchemars du 11 février 2014, le jour où les innondations ont littéralement ravagé le quartier Gatunguru et Carama(Nord de Bujumbura). Cette nuit du 18, c’est sur la colline Sororezo, zone Muyira et commune Kanyosha(Province Bujumbura), que le pire s’est produit : une famille de six personnes a été engloutie par un glissement de terrain, ne laissant aucune chance de survie.

Le Sénat Burundi face aux constructions anarchiques en mairie de Bujumbura

Les sénateurs se disent préoccuper  par la construction anarchique en mairie de Bujumbura.

Ebola death toll in DR Congo rises to 55

The Ebola outbreak in eastern DR Congo has claimed 55 lives since the start of the month, the authorities said Monday, as the government announced free treatment against the disease for the next three months.

Tanzania to arrest entire village over broken water pipe

Tanzanian police said Thursday it planned to arrest all the residents of a village in the country’s south after water pipes were destroyed by a mob.

‘Save trees when roasting Eid sheep’ in Niger

People in Niger are being urged to curb their use of firewood at next week’s Eid al-Adha Muslim festival.

It is an occasion when families often sacrifice sheep before roasting and eating them.

Hippo bite kills Taiwan tourist in Kenya

A Taiwanese tourist has died after being bitten in the chest by a hippo he was trying to photograph in Kenya.

Chang Ming Chuang, 66, was tracking the animal at a wildlife resort on Lake Naivasha, 90km (56 miles) north-west of the capital, Nairobi.

Hundreds stranded after Rwanda-Uganda road collapses

Transport between Uganda and Rwanda has been disrupted following the collapse of a road section linking the two countries.

Iran-Iraq earthquake: Deadly tremor hits border region


A 7.3-magnitude earthquake has shaken the northern border region between Iran and Iraq, killing at least 221 people and injuring more than 5,660.

Elephant poaching drops in Africa but populations continue to fall

Elephant poaching in Africa has declined for the fifth year in a row, experts have said.

But elephant populations continue to fall due to illegal killing and other human activities, while seizures of large-scale illegal ivory shipments were at record highs in 2016, a new report reveals.

Malaria breath test shows promise

People with malaria give off a distinctive « breath-print » that could be used as a test for the disease, according to American scientists.