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10 health benefits of cashew nuts

The cashew tree is one of the commonest in the world. It is found almost everywhere, and is one of the few trees with both a fruit and a nut.

Orange foods that boost your immunity

Orange fruits and vegetables are a great way to battle off illness and disease. Most naturally, orange foods get their colour from beta-carotene and besides being delicious, they are healthy options that not only boast your immune system but also help reduce your sight-related problems and are a great option to satisfy your sugar cravings.

7 benefits of eating avocado every day


Avocado is one of the most nutritious foods in the world. It contains little sugar and is rich in “good” fats that your body needs.

10 tips on knowing, tasting, pairing and drinking wine


Geoffrey Njenga Kariuki is an award-winning wine connoisseur. The wine and spirits consultant won the preliminary round in Kenya and qualified for the final leg of the Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup competition in September 2016. He has worked at the Artcaffe, Sankara Hotel, Capital Club East Africa, where he helped set up the bars and wine cellars. He also worked at The Wine Shop as a head sommelier. In 2014, he opened up a consulting and training company called Sommelier’s Palate. He shares his expertise on all things wine.

8 health benefits of mangoes

Mangoes are great fruits. Not only do they taste great, they also have great nutritional value. Of course, some of us do know this, while some do not.

A multi- purpose jiko that can also light bulbs

Ordinarily, Jikos are used for cooking but some innovators have found a new meaning for them. With some modifications the ordinary jikos can generate more energy.

New research shows simsim can fight diabetes


In 2015, it was estimated that 415 million people were living with diabetes. More grim is the fact that this number is expected to increase to 640 million by 2040. Dr Ruth Aceng, the Minister of Health says in Uganda, about 80 per cent of people living with diabetes are not aware that they have it.

The Health Benefits Of Pineapple


Pineapple isn’t just delicious; thanks to the enzyme bromelain, this exotic fruit is also packed with health benefits, such as skin protection.

Guide to best wines

A man drinks red wine. It is considered one of the most healthy forms of alcohol when drunk in moderation. File photo

A man drinks red wine. It is considered one of the most healthy forms of alcohol when drunk in moderation. File photo

A good wine brings extra excitement to festivities and can make a perfect gift for your loved ones. But finding that perfect bottle of wine is rather difficult especially if you don’t know where, when and what you are looking for.

The healing power of cabbage soup


The weather the last couple of days has not been kind to us. Just as you are about to leave home for work or leave the office in the evening, and the weather changes, the skies open up and down comes the rain.