Bujumbura: Fuel shortage back with 2018

Fuel shortage is observed in Bujumbura city since Thursday. Only some gas stations in Bujumbura town are giving fuel. This lack causes long queues of vehicles waiting to be served on the stations where there is fuel.

At the gas station where Iwacu passed this Friday 12 January 2018, car owners seem desperate.”If the rise in price can solve this problem, the government should take the decision and increase the price. It would be better than spending the whole day queuing here”, says a taxi driver met at Inter petrol gas station.

An employee of this gas station located in Asiatique quarter told Iwacu that the gas station will serve all the fuel it has. “We will serve up to the last drop of our stock”, he says adding that he does not know when their station will be tanked up again.

The population calls on the government to take seriously this question of fuel shortage which is taking on a serious angle.

Last year, a repetitive fuel shortage was observed and the problem seems to recur at the early beginning of this year.

Contacted, the Ministry of Energy and Mines has said they will provide clarifications later.




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