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Burundian rural women champion community action on groundwater maintenance

Authorities in Burundi are including more women in the maintenance, conservation, and restoration of groundwater, saying that as primary groundwater users, they are also considered key groundwater decision-makers at the grassroots. Like in other African countries, in Burundi, women are often responsible for fetching water from various points, including shallow …

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Burundi’s Annual Budget through the Eyes of Activists

The 2022/2023 state budget shows an overall revenue increase of 40.4 percent. It shifted from BIF 1,562.06 billion in 2021/2022 to BIF 2,193.6 billion in 2022/2023. Consequently, taxes on first commodities have increased enormously. According to OLUCOME, it will force low-income contributors to lift a heavy fiscal burden on their …

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Burundi: The future is uncertain, but the young generation offers hope

The rumour has turned into a bloody reality on the ground. Global warming has successfully caused high levels of uncertainty about the future. Despite this uncertainty, one thing is certain: We will leave the Earth to our children and future generations. According to the United Nations report ( of June …

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BUCECO : La hausse des prix du ciment suspendue

Le ministère du commerce et de l’industrie a suspendu la mesure prise par la société « Burundi Ciment Company (BUCECO) » revoyant à la hausse le prix du sac de ciment. Dans sa correspondance du 04 janvier 2022 adressée à la direction générale de la société BUCECO, la ministre du commerce a …

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